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Our database includes all receivable channels from the systems that we carry. Shaw Direct and IPTV sources are subscription based services while C-Band FTA, Ku-Band FTA and OTA Locals sources are subscription free.

Reception of OTA antenna local channels is location dependant and the channels listed are typically receivable in our GTA, Halton and Hamilton service area. Use our OTA coverage tool for a more accurate list of channels available for your specific area. In regards to FTA satellite, the following lists full time channels only. Information on tuning temporary channels such as live news or sporting events "wild feeds" is generally posted a few hours prior to the event on our FTA wild feeds forum at

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Name Language Country Channel
Icon WGRZ (NBC - Buffalo)  HD
Micro Essentials Mini Maxi Grand
English us 2.1
Icon WGRZ (Antenna TV)
English us 2.2
Icon WGRZ (Justice Network)
English us 2.3
Icon WGRZ (Quest)
English us 2.4
Icon WIVB (CBS - Buffalo)  HD
Essentials Micro Mini Maxi Grand
English us 4.1
English us 4.2
Icon CBLT (CBC Toronto)  HD
English ca 5.1
Icon WKBW (ABC - Buffalo)  HD
Essentials Micro Mini Maxi Grand
English us 7.1
English us 7.2
Icon WKBW (Escape TV)
English us 7.3
Icon WKBW (Grit TV)
English us 7.4
Icon CFTO (CTV Toronto)  HD
English ca 9.1
Icon CHCH (Hamilton)  HD
English ca 11.1
Icon WNED (PBS - Buffalo)  HD
Micro Essentials Mini Maxi Grand
English us 17.1
Icon WNED (Thinkbright)
English us 17.2
Icon WNED (PBS Kids)
English us 17.3
Icon TVO  HD
English ca 19.1
Icon WNLO (CW - Buffalo)  HD
English us 23.1
Icon Bounce TV
English us 23.2
Icon CBLFT (SRC Toronto)  HD
French ca 25.1
Icon WNYB (TCT Buffalo)
English us 26.1
Icon WNYB (TCT Buffalo)  HD
English us 26.2
Icon WNYB (Light TV)  HD
English us 26.3
Icon WUTV (FOX - Buffalo)  HD
Essentials Micro Mini Maxi Grand
English us 29.1
English us 29.2
Icon WUTV (Charge!)
English us 29.3
Icon CHCJ (CTV 2 Hamilton)  HD
English ca 35.1
Icon CITS (Yes TV - Burlington)  HD
English ca 36.1
Icon CFMT (OMNI 1 Toronto)  HD
English ca 40.1
Icon CIII - (Global - Toronto)  HD
English ca 41.1
Icon CJMT (OMNI 2 Toronto)  HD
English ca 47.1
Icon WNYO (MyTV - Buffalo)  HD
English us 49.1
Icon WNYO (Stadium)
English us 49.2
Icon WNYO (Comet TV)
English us 49.3
Icon WNYO (getTV)
English us 49.4
Icon CITY (Toronto)  HD
English ca 57.1

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